"Nature's Way of Gardening"

NaturaGrow® makes gardening easy and enjoyable with no pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, not even smelly manure or kitchen waste! SAVE MONEY! No need to buy any sacks of soil, fertilizer, or additives to prepare your soil...just use leaves and grass!

Supports Divine Mother Earth!

Divine Mother Earth has infinite intelligence in knowing exactly how to nurture the soil anywhere on earth to produce the very best-tasting food possible! NaturaGrow® honors that intelligence and shows members how to do the same.


SHUMEI has been teaching Natural Agriculture in Japan since the 1930's and is now doing the same around the world and in America! NaturaGrow® is committed to helping people grow healthy food right in their yards using Natural Agricultural practices!

Is NaturaGrow® Membership for you?

The NaturaGrow® Members are happily growing and harvesting the very best food for their families. Would you like to become one of them?

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Getting Started

How We Can Help You Start a Garden

Site Evaluation: We begin by evaluating your site to see how to set up the garden. Determining the size, location, amount of sun, moisture, if there are any wild animals or pets, etc. Together, we discuss the possibilities that will lead to the greatest success. If you choose to proceed and become a member, then we schedule a dig in date. See Membership for details.

Dig In: Here you and at least one invited helper, along with NaturaGrow members prepare the bed*, sow seeds and transplant seedlings. We provide the tools, seeds and seedlings, as well as, instruction on how to cultivate and maintain your garden. Additionally, you will recieve the book 'The Message In The Seed - Guidelines for Peaceful Living' by Dena Merriam.

Bed Preparation: The standard membership fee includes the start-up of a garden that is up to 100 square feet, or roughly 10' x 10'. Extra fees may apply for larger gardens, difficult soil conditions, difficult access to the site, additional materials, such as, soil or mulch, or for any construction needs. All tools needed at the start-up will be provided by NaturaGrow.